2 Features to Consider When Choosing a CCTV System to Monitor Your Store at Night

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2 Features to Consider When Choosing a CCTV System to Monitor Your Store at Night

2 Features to Consider When Choosing a CCTV System to Monitor Your Store at Night

8 April 2022
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Whether the area in which your shop is located has had an uptick in burglaries or you have recently started offering high-end items, you may have decided that you need to take steps to ensure better security at night while the store is closed. As part of your plans, you may have decided to have a CCTV security system installed.

While looking at the various systems available, you may feel a little overwhelmed with deciding on what features would be ideal for your business's needs. Especially if one of your primary goals is to monitor your store at night, the features discussed below should be seriously considered.

1.  Infrared Night Vision for Security Monitoring Without the Need to Keep the Lights On

If your goal is to ensure thorough monitoring of your store at night, one feature that is vital to achieving it is infrared night vision. Without this feature, the cameras would either only show a black picture or only the faint outlines of objects and persons would be seen.

With night vision, the camera pulls in even small amounts of light to enable the sensors to pierce through the darkness, allowing shapes and even faces to be fully visible. If you select a model with strong infrared sensors, you should have a picture that is just as plain as one taken during the day.

2.  Artificial Illuminators Paired With High-resolution Cameras for Clearer Images in the Dark

Another feature that should be included in your store's security system is the addition of artificial illuminators. This feature pairs well with both a high-resolution camera and infrared night vision.

When activated, the illuminators give just enough light to the area to ensure a clearer picture. When picked up by infrared sensors and displayed by the high-resolution camera, even pictures or videos taken in complete darkness will appear sharp and clear, which can make the identification of any potential trespassers easier. 

If you are concerned about break-ins at your store when it is closed at night, having a security system featuring cameras with infrared night vision and artificial illuminators can help yield a clearer, sharper image of anyone entering the building so that identification will be easier to make. Since there are multiple features, sizes, and other options for security cameras that work at night, speak with a representative of a company that offers CCTV installation services for assistance with choosing a system that serves you and your business's needs.

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