Make Your Home Safer

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Make Your Home Safer

Make Your Home Safer

16 August 2016
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In order to improve your home's security, you need to take several steps to keep yourself safe. While a security system can help alert the police if someone is breaking in or has broken in, it cannot always stop the break in. Take the following steps to prevent the burglar from actually entering.

1. Choose Your Locks Carefully

While any sort of lock is better than none, you may also need to reinforce your lock to resist a burglar kicking in your door. A reinforced strike plate stands up to the test. The plate will reinforce your lock to stand against force or strength. Also consider high-security locks that have stood up against the test of lock picking. Another step you can take in regards to locks is making sure that you have your car keys and home keys on different key chains or a key chain that can pull apart. This is useful if you ever use valet parking. You may need to look online to find a pull-apart key chain that can serve your needs.

2. Glass

Make sure that your security system protects any large glass windows or doors you may have throughout your home. Safety window film can be an inexpensive product you can use to cover those large glass areas. However, you should have a professional install the window film so that it is done correctly. This will make the cost a bit higher but give you more security.

3. What About Your Plants?

Large plants or hedges that run from your house to the road can give any potential criminals a place to hide while approaching your house. Don't give them that opportunity. Keep your bushes and hedges trimmed back so they are not overly tall. Also, don't have large bushes near your house. By having small plant beds or grass around your house, you will easily be able to spot someone lurking. This can also deter a criminal as they will not be able to approach your house easily without being seen.

4. Add an Alarm

Last of all, if you don't have an alarm, you need one. Following the above steps will help prevent a criminal from breaking in; however, if one does, you need to know. Make sure that the security system has a battery that will automatically back up the system if the power is out. Some alarm systems will call your cell phone if there is a break-in. Some are connected to your land line while others are connected to radio-based frequencies. Select the alarm that best fits your home and needs.

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