How to Update Your Home When on a Budget

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How to Update Your Home When on a Budget

How to Update Your Home When on a Budget

26 July 2016
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Someone with an unlimited budget may have an easy time updating their home, as they can hire a contractor to knock out walls, install a new fireplace, and the like; most homeowners, however, have a limited budget for updating a home. This doesn't mean that you need to live in a home that seems a bit shabby and rundown, as there are often very simple and affordable things you can do to improve the look of your space. Note a few suggestions here.

Window treatments

Old and dull curtains or plain roller shades can make any space seem tired and drab; update to new window treatments for a more welcoming and inviting look overall. Simple panel curtains can add softness without clashing with your furniture, or you might remove oversized and outdated curtains and opt for timber shutters for a more open look.

Laminate tile

If you know your home needs new flooring in any space, you don't need to invest a lot of money in wood, carpeting, or natural stone tiles. Laminate tile is very durable and often looks just like wood or stone. Many types of peel-and-stick tiles can be installed right over your current tile or wood, for a fast and affordable flooring option. Laminate coverings can also often be installed over your current benchtop if your kitchen looks a little drab; these too can look like stone or wood, and make your kitchen seem fresh and new.


Sometimes a home seems drab just because it's dark, but new lighting fixtures aren't always expensive. You might swap out old fluorescent lighting in the kitchen for a new fixture with standard bulbs, or change the light fixture in your dining room to a simple, modern chandelier that will update the space.

Door hardware

Door hardware, as well as drawer pulls, are like accessories for an outfit. If these pieces are old and worn, your entire set of cupboards or entryways can also seem old and outdated. For an entry door, try a black matte door handle and lock plate as well as matching numbers for your address and porch light fixture. Inside the home, choose an oil-rubbed bronze for all your door handles and then match the material in the kitchen with oil-rubbed bronze drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. This material works with just about any décor and can update your home for much less money than changing the doors and cabinets themselves.

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