How to Keep a Senior's Home Secure

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How to Keep a Senior's Home Secure

How to Keep a Senior's Home Secure

29 June 2016
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If you have an elderly relative, you want them to remain safe and secure in their home. Unfortunately, they might become the target to a home invasion because criminals assume an elderly person can't defend themselves and are an easy target. Here are some ways to protect your senior relatives and loved one from being the next victim of an intruder.

Use Motion-Detection Lights Outside

Having extra lights outside is good for multiple reasons in an elderly person's home. First of all, it is good for their personal safety because there is less chance of slipping and falling if they want to check the mail or get their newspaper when it is a little dark outside, or if they need to see who is at the door when looking through the peephole. It is also good to keep away intruders. Criminals don't want to be caught and if they approach a house where all the exterior lights come on once they're close to a door or window, they will likely leave and not bother breaking in.

Install a Keyless Entry Lock

If your senior relative has a habit of losing their house key or leaving spare keys in unsafe places, it might be time to upgrade their entry door lock. Keyless locks are a great option because they are electronic and provide a variety of different options. For a senior who doesn't necessarily lose a house key, but has trouble using one in the lock due to arthritis, a keyless entry that uses a scannable key card is a good option. It is much easier to use and doesn't require fumbling with a key. These keyless locks also accept a numeric code if you think your relative would be able to remember the number. If not, some systems also take a fingerprint to open the door. Consult a locksmith to discuss the different options available.

Have Remote Access

There may be times when you are concerned that your relative forgot to turn off the interior lights, lock the door or window, or activate their alarm system. In this case, it would help if you had remote access to their home. You can have a home automation system installed to where their electronics indoors, lights, locks, and other electronic components in the home are all controlled with an app on a mobile device. This is helpful for seniors who travel and forget to lock the door, or when they trust you with this responsibility.

Also make sure you remind your senior relative not to ever answer the door if they don't know who it is. They should call someone to double-check it is someone that can be trusted.

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