4 Kinds of Commercial Safes You Can Choose From

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4 Kinds of Commercial Safes You Can Choose From

4 Kinds of Commercial Safes You Can Choose From

9 May 2016
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Commercial safes are an important layer of security that every business needs. Which commercial safe is right for you?  You can choose from several kinds of commercial safes based on your needs. This article discusses some of those types of safes for your business.

Drop Safes

Drop safes are safes that have a hopper-style door through which you can drop valuables, such as money or keys. That hopper-style door channels the valuables into the main compartment of the safe. The valuables inside that safe can only be accessed by entering the preset credentials that open the safe. This type of safe is ideal for restaurants and retail shops where operators do not have time to keep opening the safe in order to store their valuables.

Fire Safes

Fire safes are safes that are designed to withstand different magnitudes of fire. These safes have different features, such as layers of composite walls, designed to protect valuables from fire outbreaks in a building. Fire ratings vary from low fire resistance to high fire resistance.

Office Safes

Office safes are designed to keep a variety of valuables, such as cash and documents. These safes are made to be bolted onto the floor, or they can be freestanding. The designers of such safes attempt to make the safe blend into an office environment by using several features, such as limiting how big the safe will be compared to the surrounding furniture in that office.

Data Safes

Data safes help to protect delicate electronic storage devices, such as external hard discs, from extreme temperatures. They can also keep electronic media safe from smoke and moisture in case a room is flooded during an emergency. These safes are suitable for IT departments or businesses that specialise in data storage. Data safes can also be used to keep valuable documents, such as title deeds.

Safes usually have a combination of features, such as fire resistance ratings and limits on the amount of the money that can be kept in that safe. It is therefore very important for you to consult a safe expert so that he or she advises you about the important features that you should look for as you are shopping for a safe for your business. That professional will also help you to understand the different certification or specifications standards that may seem confusing to a layperson.

For more information about commercial safes, talk to a professional in your area.

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