Should You Rekey Or Replace Your Locks?

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Should You Rekey Or Replace Your Locks?

Should You Rekey Or Replace Your Locks?

28 April 2016
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When you find yourself in a situation requiring the services of a 24 hour locksmith, some homeowners tend to only think of lock replacement. However, depending on your reasons as well as your budget, you could choose between replacement of the lock or have it rekeyed. Here are some the things that you need to know to help you determine whether you should rekey or replace your locks.

What is lock rekeying and what are the benefits?

Lock rekeying refers to the process of your locksmith replacing the internal hardware of your current lock. This will result in your old keys being redundant and the locksmith will hand you a new set of keys. Lock rekeying is a viable option if you have lost your keys or if you have moved into a new property and would like to ensure you are the only person with access to the locks that were already in place. It should be noted though that if the lock in use is archaic, then rekeying may not be good option as the external components of the lock may have severely degraded over time. Some of the benefits of lock rekeying include:

  • It is more economical than having to replace your locks.
  • You would not need to have any additional repairs conducted on the door, as the locking system is not being replaced in its entirety.
  • You can choose to have multiple locks in your residence rekeyed to use the same individual key rather than having multiple keys to carry around.

What is lock replacement?

As the name suggests, with lock replacement the locksmith will install a completely new locking system for you. There are several reasons why you would require lock replacement over rekeying. These include:

  • The locks have been severely damaged: In the event that the lock itself is worn out, then rekeying it would not make it secure. If the lock has come away from the door or if the external components have worn away, then you would be better off having it replaced. This is common with older locks, which are typically less secure even after being rekeyed.
  • The locks have been broken into: If your current lock has been susceptible to break-ins, chances are rekeying it will not fix it. In this instance, you would be better off installing a more secure lock such as a deadbolt, which would not be easily broken into.

Consulting with your locksmith on your needs as well as the history of the lock would enable them to give you a better idea on whether rekeying or lock replacement would be better suited for your needs. 

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