How to Make Your Own Magnetic Box to Hide Your Spare Keys Under Your Car

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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Box to Hide Your Spare Keys Under Your Car

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Box to Hide Your Spare Keys Under Your Car

20 April 2016
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Locking your keys in your car can be a hassle, and in most cases, it requires the help of a locksmith. However, if you want to avoid an emergency locksmith call, you simply need to find a way to hide a spare set of keys on your car. You can buy magnetic boxes to hide your keys on your car, or you can actually make your own with this easy technique:

1. Gather your supplies.

To make a key hiding spot, you need a small plastic jar with a twist-on lid. A small mayonnaise or peanut butter jar works perfectly. You also need a small screwdriver and a carabiner (a hook used by rock climbers) connected to a heavy duty magnet.

Ideally, you should purchase the strongest magnet you can find -- they are typically sold based on the amount of weight they can handle, and you should opt for the highest weight capacity you can afford.

2. Modify your jar into a keyholder.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the magnetic boxes designed to hide keys on cars are not large enough to hold the transponders that come with most contemporary keys. As a result, you need a larger container. This is one of the reasons that making your own lock box can be more effective than buying one.

Make sure that your extra set of car keys fits comfortably into the plastic jar you have chosen. If they don't, choose another jar. If your keys fit, remove the lid from the jar, and use your screwdriver to make a small rectangular hole into the top of the jar's lid.

3. Connect your magnet.

In most cases, the magnet has a small metal ring attached to it, and the carabiner slips through this ring. Detach the carabiner from its magnetic base by slipping it through the ring.

Now, place the magnet (with the magnetised side up) on top of the jar's lid, and push it down so that the ring goes through the rectangular hole you have just made in the top of the lid. When you see the ring poking through the other side of the cap, re-attach the carabiner to it.

4. Put in the keys and close the jar.

Now, attach your extra set of car keys to the carabiner, and screw the lid back on the jar. At this point, your car keys should be inside the plastic jar attached to the carabiner, and the magnet should be on top of the cap.

5. Hide your keys.

Finally, it's time to hide your extra set of keys on your car. While your engine is off and your car is cool, crawl underneath it, and look for a spot to secure your magnetised jar. Then, pop it in place.

The next time you lose your car keys or lock them in your car, you don't need to call anyone for help. Instead, you just have to crawl under your car and grab your hidden set of keys. For more ideas on hiding keys and preventing or deal with lockouts, contact a locksmith.

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