3 Door Lock Alternatives For Protecting Your Home From Burglaries

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3 Door Lock Alternatives For Protecting Your Home From Burglaries

3 Door Lock Alternatives For Protecting Your Home From Burglaries

12 April 2016
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While getting a locksmith to install front and backdoor locks is integral to protecting your home from potential burglaries, doors certainly aren't the only entry points for thieves to break into your home. Burglars have gotten smarter, so they look for all kinds of weaknesses in a home's security system, whether it is through windows or through some other avenue. This guide is designed to help you with door lock alternatives for protecting your home from potential burglaries.

Protect Your Main Power Supply Outlet

Burglars looking to get into your home for a quick robbery will likely try to get to your main power supply outlet, especially if it is located outside your home. Cutting off the power will enable them to prowl through your home undetected. If they end up being caught by you or a member of your family, chances are you won't get a good look at them in the dark. Homes with easy-to-reach power supply outlets are particularly vulnerable to these types of burglaries, so get your locksmith to install key locks to the power box door to prevent it from being accessed by anyone outside your family.

Add Barriers For Enhanced Backyard Security

Apart from front door and backdoor locks, barriers like fences and garage doors in your backyard are good for adding layers of security to your home. Make sure you trim shrubs, trees and bushes to enable a clear view from the house and to remove hiding places for offenders. Lighting up your backyard will also make it tougher for burglars to hide before getting into your home, so add some lights for the safety of your family. This will make it harder for burglars to enter into your home.

Add Robust Key-Operated Window Locks

Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving factory-fitted window locks as they are when installing windows in homes. This can be a potential danger because burglars are naturally familiar with picking these types of locks. To fortify your window security, get your locksmith to install key-operated locks instead on them. Key-operated locks offer higher security levels than factory-fitted locks. You can also add internal locks that enable you to keep the window half open, while blocking someone from completely opening it from the outside. This allows you to bring in fresh air without fear of someone breaking into your home.

Follow these key door lock alternatives and work with your locksmith to protect your home from potential burglaries.

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